About MediAide Healthcare


MediAide Healthcare is more than an EMR suite. It is a modular platform that allows for customized modifications to meet specific needs. It features a fully integrated electronic health records, practice management, scheduling, electronic billing with coding support, internationalization, support, and a whole lot more. It can run on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and many other platforms.

MediAide Healthcare is focused on improving efficiency and flexibility for our customers into an affordable EMR solution. MediAide Healthcare is an electronic medical record and practice management solution.

MediAide Healthcare is ideal for the small and mid-sized practice looking for an affordable solution that will adapt to the needs of the practice, will help lessen the IT burden, and provide peace of mind that the system will work not only today, but continue into the future.

Adapt the EMR to your workflow

MediAide Healthcare provides a unique ability to easily emulate your forms and practice workflow within MediAide Healthcare. Like most practices, you have invested time in perfecting your office workflow to provide quality patient care. One of the barriers to shifting from a paper-based office to an electronic office is the transition hardships of conforming to the EMR form templates and workflow. MediAide Healthcare removes this barrier.

There are three core strengths in this powerful feature:

1. The ease and speed in which a customized form can be created.

2. The flexibility to create a form that conforms to your workflow.

3. The ability to share a component of the form, such as patient demographics, history, allergies and medications with other physicians within your group avoiding expensive redundancy and inaccuracies.

MediAide Healthcare allows you to easily create new forms by simply selecting the form blocks that are relevant to the specific step in the process, type of visit such as new patient, referral, or follow-up visit, and the area of specialty or problem related to the visit. This allows you to create the form, or subsections of the form, in the order needed to process the encounter with only the information needed in that portion of the form to accurately and correctly document the patient visit from the front office all the way through to checkout. You may also include information that needs to be at the tip of your fingers into the form avoiding the need to click in and out of other parts of the system improving throughput, more accurate documentation, and better outcomes.

Multiple providers in a single practice can use their specific screen flows, even if they have different specialties. Each provider can customize their own version of forms without contradicting or jeopardizing the integrity of the information collected during the encounter.

Chart and complete encounter notes your way

Do you prefer to see a screen that looks much like your paper forms that incorporates point and click, and completion by typing? Perhaps you want to incorporate dictation, or handwriting recognition, or even create smart forms that can include information from the patient record combined with prompts to build your note from a dictionary of memorized terms and statements commonly used in your practice and specialty area. The Charting and Encounter Notes features allows you to use the method that you prefer and will work the most efficiently for you. MediAide Healthcare does not require you to use a “template” based approach, but is there to support this method. Nor will the system require you to type everything from scratch, but is there to support this approach. We leave the choice to you. You can rest assured the system will support the method and approach you want to take for your practice.

From the encounter forms the provider can select the processes necessary to complete. This includes sending the encounter to someone else for review, adjusting the fee sheet, generating letters and notes, and scheduling follow-up appointments. The objective is to complete the entire process from a single screen. Once complete, the provider can sign off on the encounter and initiate the defined post-encounter workflow, including review and billing.

Create Letters and Templates to match your unique work style and clinical approach

Every specialty and every type of patient visit has its unique requirements, and each individual provider has his personal preferences. Ultimately we all have the same goal – to document a patient visit, and produce follow-up communication, such as referral letters, with care and quality.

The powerful Letters and Template engine is completely customizable to match your preferences and clinical approach. The features available in the Charting and Encounter Notes Engine are also available here. Using a variety of input methods including point and click, dictation, and data merge from the patient database, and working with personalized templates providers can quickly produce letters and notes.

Whether during the patient visit, at the end of the patient visit, or at the end of the day as you are reviewing notes, the system makes it an easy, time saving process. First, select the patient record, the template, then include the relevant patient information and add your own notes. You’re now ready to transmit the letter or referral via a secure method or print.

Improved control and efficiency with Advanced Billing

The MediAide Advanced Billing module is focused on providing capabilities to manage and improve your revenue cycle by decreasing staff time needed to enter billing, process and manage insurance claims, record payments; improve the accuracy of coding of encounters; provide quick access to patient accounts to respond to inquiries and resolving status of claims.

The billing and revenue management workflow can be customized based on the needs of your practice, including optimizing the processes for reviews and quality audits.

The Advanced Billing System provides up-to-date reporting without the need to export your receivables to Excel or other reporting products.

MediAide Healthcare Advanced Billing includes

* Smart Routing Slip

* Batch Charge Entry to Support Larger Facilities

* Enhanced Billing

* Pre-Authorization Management

* Automated Clearing House Integration

* Denied Claim Management

* Advanced Payment Receipt

* ERA Posting

* Ability to enter and track capitation payments

* Robust accounts receivable management

* Enhanced Patient Statements

* Improved reporting allowing for customized reports and exporting to other formats

* Mediccounting that tracks all your transactions with statistical analysis and projections

* Advanced secure patient accounts management with mediccounting

Strengthen communication with your patients through the MediAide Patient Portal

If you’re looking for a way to reduce costs and narrow the communication gap between patients and healthcare providers, welcome to the Internet portal service that renders itself available at any time of the day or night.

Provide your patients with preventative care twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week in a time-conscious, effective way with the Patient Portal solution. View patient history, receive referral requests, post lab and imaging results, upload consent forms and send out reminder notes through this easy, comprehensive system. All communication is secure, enabling your practice to send informative medical education materials directly to the patient.

Patients can now assist with data entry as they enter their own medical history online, send questions directly to their doctor’s office, fill out New Patient Registration and Patient Registration, and receive consultations on the Web. Prescriptions can be refilled, lab results checked, and appointments scheduled or rescheduled.

Patients can also view current and past account statements, alleviating the need to engage office staff on the telephone. Patients will also enjoy the option of paying bills online, enhancing the paperless office environment. Payments are secure, fast, and hassle-free. Engaging the Patient Portal as an office solution creates a much smoother workplace flow, and increases the ease of Meaningful Use.

Practices using Patient Portal also experience significant savings in other ways, such as the elimination of: lab results mailing costs, in-person or by phone billing questions, and in-person or by phone appointment scheduling.